MathVillage_SirinceTR The venue of the workshop is the Nesin Foundation Mathematics Village. It is located 1-2 km away from the historical town Şirince (read it as Shee-rin-jay). The town is some 70 km distance to Izmir, which is the 3rd largest city in Turkey.

We will arrange a shuttle service from/to the Izmir Airport for the arrival and departure days. The current shuttle plan is

  • September 14th (Sunday), from the Izmir airport to the Math Village
    • at 12.45 and at 19.15
  • September 21st (Sunday), from the Math Village to the Izmir airport
    • at 13.00 and at 15.00

In case they do not match to your arrival time or point, you can use public transportation:  See this link for a more detailed explanation regarding how to reach the math village from Izmir. Summarizing the important & recommended points:

  • Izmir -> Selcuk -> Sirince -> the Math Village
    • Izmir -> Selcuk (75 km)
      • If you are coming from the city center of Izmir, go to the main bus station, there are regular buses from Izmir to Selcuk from 7.00 AM till 21.00 PM every 30-40 minutes.
      • If you are coming from the Izmir airport, you do need to go the main bus station, the Gaziemir-Selcuk buses (or minibuses) stop near the airport. For this,  you should take a taxi and go to Tansaş (pronounced Tansash, 5 min. distance only). The bus is supposed to pass by every 30-40 minutes from 6:55 AM till 9:20 PM.
    • Selcuk -> Sirince (8 km) 
      • There are minibuses every 15-20 minutes from the main bus station in Selcuk to Sirince from 7:20 AM till 19:40 PM.
      • NOTE: If you are using th public transportation, make sure that you are arriving in Selcuk before 19.40 pm when the last minibus leaves for Sirince
      • The taxi from Selcuk to Sirince (or Math Village) would cost 50-70 TL (~20 Euro)
    • Sirince -> the Math Village (1-2 km)
      • Let the bus driver know that you go to the Math Village (In Turkish: Matematik Koyu), they will stop at entrance of Sirince town.
      • Once you are in Sirince, you can walk easily to the Math Village in 15 minutes or so. In case of doubt or heavy suitcase, call us (the phone numbers will be provided).

setenaydogan_dsc_0471 setenaydogan_dsc_0573 setenaydogan_dsc_0576


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