Keynote lectures 20130913100057_turkey_DSC-RX100_960

We invited keynote lecturers with strong roots in both population genetics and its application to data. We currently plan a total of 24 hours of keynote lectures. They will consist of an introduction part where speakers give the basics of the current topic and then a second part where they show its application to real biological questions, especially from their own research in the field.

  • Nick Barton
    • Introduction: Principles of population genetics I, the neutral theory
      • Neutral theory (diffusion of allele frequencies)
      • Coalescence of genealogies
    • Application: Genome wide patterns of divergence across a hybrid-zone of snapdragons
      • the genotype-phenotype map
      • Wright’s FST
    • Reference/prestudy/notes/etc.:
      • A basic calculus knowledge is recommended
      • Chpt. 15 in Evolution, Barton et al., Cold Spring Harbor Press (see the book’s website for references, background notes, problems)
  • Thomas Lenormand
    • Introduction: Principles of population genetics II, selection
      • population genetics of selection (selection at a single locus, stabilising selection, mutation-selection balance)
      • measuring fitness and inferring selection in the wild
    • ApplicationExperimental evolution
      • local adaptation
      • evolution of gene expression
    • Reference/prestudy/notes/etc.:
  • Aida Andres
    • Introduction: Next generation sequencing data analyses
      • overview of sequencing technologies
      • workflow overview (i- data acquisition, ii- data curation, filtering, iii- imputation, haplotype inference)
      • pitfalls and sources of bias
      • finding candidate targets of selection
    • Application: Balancing selection in humans
      • from long-standing to short-term balancing selection
      • the sharing of selection among populations and species
    • Reference/prestudy/notes/etc.:

Short lectures 20130914131552_turkey_DSC-RX100_960

Young scientists will deliver short lectures (i.e., extended seminar, 1-1.5 hours) on their research topics.

  • Tugce Bilgin: “Phenotypic variation and robustness in complex biological systems”
  • Hannes Svardal : “Population genomics of widely distributed African primates”
  • Lilia Perfeito : “New mutations seen through the eyes of natural selection”
  • Melis Akman : “What can landscape transcriptomics tell us about local adaptations in South African Protea repens (sugarbush)”

Armchair Lectures: Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 21.02.36

The idea is to have informal lectures where senior scientists tell about their scientific career as it is usually not presented in classic talks. It would be a good occasion for students to see different career path and ask question about topics such as career choices and life as a scientist.

20130914133946_turkey_E-M5_960 20130914142107_turkey_E-M5_960

Most of the photos were taken in the Workshop on Quantitative Evolutionary Biology 2013 in the Mathematics Village. See the link for the other photos from this event.


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